Gameplay Showcase: May 2023

Hauke will present the latest update on Gameplay in our monthly Coreborn Gameplay Showcase.

  • Coreheim
  • Ambros | Survival Map
  • Megalos
  • Inventory Changes
  • Hills Biome
  • Harvesting Rework
  • Skill System
  • Hills Biome
  • War Torn Ruins
  • Town System | Building
  • Stability System

Build of Dreams Contest

Greetings, Tormentosia! As we previously mentioned, there is to be a second, final wipe taking place to prepare for the release of Liquid Meadows. We

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Patch Notes: May 16, 2024

Hello, everyone! The global wipe is completed and brings about a few important changes including a highly-requested player feature: personal servers and MORE! Read below

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Settlers’ Dawn

The Settlers’ Dawn update embraces this pulsating, ever-changing life and enhances your town’s life to fortify the bonds of community and defense.

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Hedonists: A briefing

Your Experience Right now, in Coreborn, your first, available race is the Hedonists from Ambros. Maybe you’ve wondered about the Hedonists and what they’re like.

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